August 17, 2011

East Valley Bridal Show

The East Valley Bridal Show was an exciting place to be last weekend. There were so many people there to talk to about our photo booth and BBDJS Professional DJ Services. It was enjoyable to have brides, grooms, and other visitors complement our photo booth. I know that we took great pride in the construction and development of our booth, therefore it was rewarding to hear people say “This is incredible,” “This is the prettiest photo booth I have ever seen,” “Are you still available on ____?” “Way cooler than the other booth,” or just hearing “Wow!” Although there was not room in the area provided to put up the curtains, few seemed to mind. People were still anxious to try out “The Pix Box”. Seconds after the push of the button they had photo strips to take home, and agreed that their wedding guests would love it too.

While we were there we also had a chance to look at some other vendors, these were our favorites at the show:

 1) Photographer Nicolle Moshiri – Nicolle is one of those extremely kind and non-overbearing photographers who knows what she was doing. As we looked though her past events and portfolio we stopped and asked how she became so good? It turns out that Nicolle is one of the few in the industry that not only had formal classes but an internship with an elite photographer in the wedding industry.

2) Honey Bear’s BBQ – If you love BBQ this is the caterer you want! After caving into the sweet smell that penetrated the air we grabbed some samples. We were not disappointed. I am not lying when I say the result of that food hitting my mouth was nothing short of amazing.

3) 12 West Main – This place is a jewel in the heart of old historic down town Mesa. The only thing that is more impressive than the place itself is the people running it. They are incredibly friendly, organized, focused and dedicated to insure things get done right.

4) Kady Hamilton Events – Although they were not official vendors at the show, I noticed Amy Simons. She is an old high school peer with many talents. If there were any coordinator to trust she would be the person.



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